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Terms & Conditions

Liability and Compensation

Our liability is as follows:- If the products you receive are not as ordered, or should they be damaged during transit, or if your order goes astray then we shall make good any shortfall; replace damaged items; or refund/replace as we see fit. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or expenses nor be liable for any compensation arising from any of the above, other to refund the part or whole of your original order amount which was effected.

Nuts and Allergen Assurances

Written assurances are obtained from suppliers that all ingredients, packaging, ribbons and bubble wrap etc are free from peanut and tree nuts and nut traces, including being free from the use of nut oils on production machinery. Should allergen information not be available, this will be clearly stated on the website with the product information. Our assurances of the products being free from nuts and nut traces can only apply on our premises. We do not have any control over what may happen to our packaging once it is in transit, so we strongly advise that outer packaging is disposed of immediately and that hands are thoroughly washed before eating the chocolates or unwrapping the inner packaging. Nor do we have any control over the conditions our chocolates are stored in once they leave our premises. Our chocolates should be stored at a cool temperature (between 53.6°F and 64.4°F) and away from strong odours.

During particularly hot weather we cannot guarantee that our delivery service will keep your chocolates in these conditions. We will do everything we can do protect our chocolates from warm weather conditions and will carefully package with an extra layer of bubble wrap, but please appreciate that we cannot control extremes of temperature outside our premises. During times of extreme heat we will not despatch any goods, but will wait until temperatures fall to below 80°F.


Your information will be treated as confidential and shall only be used by Nut Free Chocolate People Ltd to process your orders and to keep you informed of any of our products or services we think may be of interest to you. We take data protection and security extremely seriously and shall not pass your details on to a third party. By using our website you agree to your information being used as stated above.

For your privacy, order information will be available to Nut Free Chocolate People Ltd and the named customer, not to any third party.

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