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Chocolate Heaven Chocolate Drops

Chocolate Drops

suitable for snacking, baking, making ice cream or ganaches

Chocolate Heaven

12 different chocolate assortments in a tin of 24

Buy Hearts & Wedding Favours

Chocolate Hearts & Wedding Favours

Welcome to the new Gluten & Nut Free Chocolate Wishes ® website, from Nut Free Chocolate People.  A full list of our products (with links) is also available at the bottom of this page

Monthly Chocolate Club

Chocolate Club

Join our chocolate club for delicious chocolates each month

Fudge Slabs

Gift Trays

Half & Half Bars

Hot Chocolate Drinks

Mint Bars

All Fruit No Nut

Children's Selection

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Club

Chocolate Drops

Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Heaven

Coffee Break Bars

Ecuadorian Soya Free Bars

Express Range

Nutti The Squirrel

Orange Bars

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Salted Caramel Crunch Bars

Seasonal Products

Special Offers & Limited Editions

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Wedding Favours/Hearts

Childrens Selection Nutti The Squirrel

Exclusive Nutti The Squirrel Range

Buy Sample Chocolates

Sample Chocolates

A selection of our chocolates for you to try

Chocolate Wishes

Chocolate Wishes ®

The original inspiration behind our company

Chocolate Drinks

Delicious drinking chocolate for all tastes

Express Delivery

Our New Express Delivery



Seasonal Goodies

Chocolate delights for every occasion

Childrens’ Selection

Fun Chocolate delights for all ages, especially the young and young at heart

*"Suitable for vegans" is based on ingredients list and does not take into account possible cross contact during production.                            Please see our Vegan Statement for more details

Vegan Range

Vegan Range*

Our new vegan range is available in a range of Dark Chocolate .



Our delightful new Neapolitan chocolates are ideal for a wide variety of occasions

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

75g bars in Dark, Milk or White Belgian chocolate.